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Hi, I’m Jay.

Thanks for stopping by my digital home. Make yourself comfortable!

This blog is mostly a place for me to share ideas, experiences, and opinions, mostly about life, relationships, and careers. Every once in a while I’ll talk tech, just to mix things up.

Here are the basic, snooze-fest facts about me:

  • I’m from the best city in the world and real capital of the United States: Los Angeles. Facts are facts, folks.
  • I went to a high-falutin’ private university on the West Coast. I graduated with a degree in Urban Studies, which is code for “Thank you so much for letting me graduate.”
  • I’m currently an analytics product manager at a big tech company. I work on internal products, so rest assured that I’m not using your personal data. Someone else definitely is though. Just not me!

Want to know more? Of course not! But let’s start with something light-hearted anyway:

  • My wife’s and my wedding dance went semi-viral. Apparently Montell Jordan was impressed by our take on “This Is How We Do It”.
  • I believe know In-N-Out is the best burger in the world. I consider myself a really friendly, open-minded person, but I will fight you on this. Like, physical altercation-fight you.
  • I know Nelly’s entire rap from Jagged Edge’s “Where the Party At?”. Jealous? Of course you are.

Here are some things I’m proud of:

  • I helped double user satisfaction of a mission-critical internal analytics product. My amazing engineering team and I sprinted for eight weeks to completely re-design an HR product that helped our users better understand their client organization’s people needs. Satisfaction scores went from the low 30s to the high 60s after our work.
  • I changed careers from recruiting engineers to doing data engineering & analytics. I love people and connecting them to great opportunities, but felt that I was lacking technical skills that would help me better understand the people I was recruiting. So I learned to code and doing so helped me land a great job as a data engineer, then eventually as an analytics product manager.
  • I learned to drive stick without damaging anything — that I know of — on a seven-day road trip across the United States. My best friend conned me into helping him get his car, a Jeep Wrangler with a manual transmission, from California to Connecticut after he moved. I thought that meant riding shotgun the entire time; he envisioned something different. I spent the last four days of that trip white-knuckling across the Great Plains and through New York state, hoping I wouldn’t cause an accident, or worse, stall in a crowded urban intersection.

Most days, you’ll find me noodling on questions like:

  • What makes a good life? More importantly, how much of what we could experience as a good life is actually a product of our mindsets, rather than achievements or acquisitions?
  • In what ways do societal trends reflect anti-patterns in the pursuit of that good life? I know. I sound like a hipster-philosopher. A bad one, in fact. But much of my interest in financial markets and investing has led me to believe that mass adoption of certain positions or behaviors is often indicative of bad times ahead and that taking the other side of that bet is often a good one.
  • Is there a more perfect food than pizza? I don’t really noodle on this, actually. I mostly remind myself that the answer to this question is “No. Not even close.”

I’ve been talking (writing?) at you a lot though, so reach out and say hello. For now, you can reach out to me on Twitter , LinkedIn, and, if you’re bookish, Goodreads.

See you around!